No time for post workout recovery snacks? Think again! Here are 5 quick and easy smoothies to aid in your post-workout recovery by boosting your energy and protecting your muscles. 1.) Strawberry Banana Smoothie 12 ounces of liquid (milk/milk alternative, water or 100% strawberry banana fruit juice) 1 cup of strawberries 1 banana 2.) Mixed […]

Sports Nutrition

April 5, 2021

5 Quick & Easy Post Workout Shakes

By Lexi Moriarty, MS, RD, CSSD & Ashley Dimon, Sports Nutrition Volunteer Depending on your circles, you may have heard these terms thrown around or even whispers about them around the internet, but you may not be sure exactly what it means. So I want to take a few minutes to break it down for […]

Sports Nutrition, Women's Health

March 2, 2021

What Every Active Female (and Male) Should Know about Low Energy Availability and RED-S.

By: Ashley Dimon, Sports Nutrition Volunteer Over the past few years, the interest in vitamin D in foods and as a supplement has really picked up! Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium absorption. It supports bone health by keeping bones strong while also reducing the risk of stress fractures. Vitamin D also plays […]

Sports Nutrition

February 16, 2021

Why is Vitamin D So Important?

Sources of Vitamin D, vitamin d for athletes

You can embrace the holidays while prioritizing your health. First though, let’s talk about what I mean by health. As an RD, people often think I’m referring to exercise, high-nutrient foods, and disease management/prevention when I talk about health. As much as I am referring to these things, I’m not just talking about physical health. […]


December 17, 2019

How to Eat Healthy and Enjoy Food over the Holidays

Looking for an easy side dish with some Fall flavor? Look no further. This side dish is packed with healthy starch, antioxidants, and fiber for a wholesome option that will round out any meal.  Ingredients: 2 Sweet Potatoes, halved and sliced into eighths 2 Bartlett Pears, quartered and sliced into thirds 2 Red Apples, quartered […]


November 21, 2019

Potatoes, Apples, & Pears in Fall Spices

 You’ve probably heard about it by now. As the “ditch the diet” chatter continues, the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach is getting some well-deserved attention too. A high profile article in the Huffington Post in September 2018 shined a lot of light on this philosophy and started the wave of questions among my clients, […]


November 5, 2019

Healthy at Every Size – 5 Things to Know

The heat is blazing and our Summer cravings are still in full swing. With the end of Summer just around the corner, take the next few weeks to savor every last bit of heat and some of our favorite end of Summer treats.   Watermelon: One of my all time favorites. Despite being a popular […]


August 9, 2019

August: Things to Savor

Our motivation to get active is too often about our weight or body image. As a society where 68.8% of our population is overweight or obese, this is probably thought of as a good thing. However, research shows that we actually spend less time exercising when weight loss and better health are our motivation. So […]


July 31, 2018

Reasons to Exercise, Not Related to Weight

Enjoy these crispy kale chips as an easy veggie with any meal. Kale contains a wealth of nutrients including vitamin C, A and K – vitamins that contribute to skin, eye, bones, and blood health. Enjoy! You’ll Need: approx. 1 bunch kale leaves 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1-2 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese 1 […]


July 30, 2018

Garlic Parmesan Kale Chips

Looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet?  Although a great idea, diets high in plant-based foods can sometimes lack enough protein. The average diet should include anywhere from 1.0-2.0 gm protein/kg body weight. Check out our 5 favorite plant-based protein sources for a nutritious diet high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. 1.) Chia […]


July 18, 2018

Plant-Based Protein Sources