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Topics Includes:
- Nutrition for the Active Woman;
- Sports Nutrition for Active Individuals & Athletes;
- Nutrition for Working Women & Hardworking Moms
- Preventing Eating Disorders for Parents & Coaches
- Intuitive Eating for Active Women;
- Non-Diet Nutrition Tips

Public Speaking

private events, schools, gyms, businesses, teams, etc

As a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), I offer customizable programs and presentations to support athletes, coaches, and/or parents as they navigate sports nutrition and fueling for competition.

Team Talks & Programming

Professional Collaboration

Are you a professional interested in collaborating? I love working with like-minded therapists, clinicians, coaches, and people to help my clients, individuals, and groups navigate the complexities of nutrition and fuel a healthier lifestyle.

Let's Connect

Dietitian Business Coaching

Are you an RD or RD to be looking to start your own private practice? I’m happy to give guidance and support from my own experience and knowledge. I offer 45-minute business consults at $150 each. 

Recovery is often a journey longer than a program. With this in mind, we offer a team of registered dietitans who specialize in eating disorder recovery and offer weekly and bi-weekly sessions to clients struggling with eating disorders. The charge for these sessions ranges from $150-225/session and includes 24/7 access to our client portal for easy communication of questions, meals plans, and between appointment support. 

Eating Disorder Support